We’re Inexpensive & Simple To Operate.
Many “fast food” and independent restaurants are just too expensive for most of us. While opening a My Friend’s Place Franchise requires a substantial investment of your time and money, our cost is a fraction of that needed to open most restaurants. In addition, since the overhead necessary for the staffing and inventory of My Friend’s Place is kept to a minimum, you can realize a quick return on your investment. With our limited menu, short operating hours, low staffing levels, streamlined operating procedures, and products which require no grills or deep-fat fryers, My Friend’s Place is much easier to own and manage than most of our competition.

We Have A Proven Track Record & Flexibility.
Our concept is aptly designed to capitalize on recent market trends, tastes and lifestyles. With over two decades of service, we have demonstrated our viability in various sites and market conditions, including a mall food court and a number of strip centers. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of special opportunities within your particular area, adapting our program to your budget and goals.

Our Hours Are Convenient. Our Working Environment Ideal.
Unlike typical “fast food” establishments, most My Friend’s Place locations are open only for lunch. This gives our franchise owners more time to devote to family and other interests. They work in attractive surroundings, dealing with an upscale, interesting clientele. As lasting customer relationships are built, our franchise owners enjoy tremendous personal and professional satisfaction.

We Have a Nutrition Solution & a Specialized Menu. 
There is a clear and growing national interest in better nutrition. Our commitment to serving healthy food is the cornerstone of our concept and a key to our popularity and success. While My Friend’s Place offers an exciting variety of sandwiches, salads and desserts, we have purposely limited our menu to those items which keep inventory levels, equipment and preparation time to a minimum.

We’re Different!
Many areas of “fast food” franchising are over saturated and have few prime locations available. My Friend’s Place occupies a unique niche with little direct competition and unlimited potential for growth.