(Qual-i-ty): 1. Degree of excellence  2. Greatness
Welcome to My Friend’s Place, a unique franchise opportunity for your financial and personal growth. Quality is the hallmark of our program, from the products we offer our satisfied customers to the systems and services we provide to our valued franchise owners.

What’s In a Name?
We selected My Friend’s Place as our name simply because it conveys the philosophy behind our restaurants. We welcome our customers into our restaurants as if we are inviting them into our home. We serve our food in a casual and comfortable setting. In short, we treat our customers as we do our friends, with respect and warmth. Indeed, many of our patrons do become our friends, returning to My Friend’s Place over and over again.

Your Neighborhood Deli
My Friend’s Place meets a very real and growing need in the marketplace by serving delicious, freshly prepared foods in a nutritious fare demanded by today’s health-conscious consumers which is the key to our success. Our light, wholesome foods are prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients, while preservatives and additives are limited. Your neighborhood deli supplies goodness and nutrition, even to those “on the run.”

Advantages Right From The Start
We make sure that My Friend’s Place Franchises are easy to open and operate. Our start-up and ongoing expenses are far lower than those required by most “fast food” restaurants. My Friend’s Place can be run with a minimum staff and our concept adapts well to a variety of sites, including strip centers and mall food courts. Since we specialize in “lunch,” our franchise owners enjoy plenty of free time to spend on family, friends, and outside interests.

We’re In This Together
When you join My Friend’s Place, you become part of a close knit family. We provide guidance in all aspects of your operation. We assist in your site selection, opening preparations, the establishment of suppliers, and the development of a customer base,¬†among other support functions. Our experience eliminates your guesswork. We are firmly dedicated to making you a success because your success reflects the caliber of our operation.