Evaluate Yourself
We know you’ll want to analyze My Friend’s Place, of course, but we believe that first it may be beneficial for you to evaluate your own values and goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I a people oriented person?
  • Am I a person of integrity who takes pride in offering the best possible products and services?
  • Can I picture myself owning my own “fast food” restaurant?
  • Do I find a business that allows me plenty of free time attractive?
  • Am I looking for a business that is simple to own and operate?
  • Would I like to be part of a winning team?
  • If you have answered “yes” to all of these questions, then My Friend’s Place may be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Franchising Is A Two Way Street
Buying a franchise is like going into partnership. While you must determine if My Friend’s Place is right for you, we must be certain that our franchise owners can work within our system and protect the reputation for quality that we have spent years nurturing. We must both decide if we can work together compatibly, so we must both weigh our decisions carefully.

Read All About Us
Please read on to become acquainted with My Friend’s Place. If you like the quality concept and system that My Friend’s Place incorporates and want to learn even more about us, just complete the enclosed Preliminary Application Form and return it to our office. If we feel that you are a suitable candidate for our franchise system after reviewing your information, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. During our meeting, we will discuss all of the elements of our franchise program in detail, go over our required legal documents and answer any questions you may have. In other words, we’d like to get to know you better!