We Make Things Easy For You
We offer a full range of professional services. Our operating procedures are structured to make management simple, enabling franchise owners to stay on top of their business with a minimum of time and effort. The staff at My Friend’s Place is always available to guide you through management decisions, from recommending appropriate inventory levels and cost-effective equipment packages to teaching proven personal recruiting techniques that attract caring, conscientious employees.

Location, Location, Location! 
Each My Friend’s Place Franchise owner is granted an exclusive territory, carefully determined by in-depth demographic studies and pertinent market data. This assures freedom from competition from any other My Friend’s Place Franchise. We offer expert site selection guidance by analyzing potential locations according to detailed site selection criteria and we assist in lease negotiation.

Design & Construction 
My Friend’s Place gives practical advice on the design and construction of a functional, yet inviting restaurant. Based on our own extensive experience, we suggest kitchen and service area layouts as well as smart, cost-efficient décor packages.

Success Oriented Training 
We believe that comprehensive training is essential for running a profitable My Friend’s Place Franchise. Each franchise owner attends an initial course at our training center which incorporates both classroom and hands-on instruction. To keep you abreast of emerging market and industry trends, we conduct seminars, workshops, and regular meetings, furnishing updates on new products and menu items, store management techniques, and marketing programs.

Extra Management Support 
Our in-depth manuals serve as an invaluable resource, detailing all aspects of site selection, lease negotiation, insurance, leasehold improvements, ordering equipment and inventory, dealing with suppliers, the hiring and training of staff, marketing, food preparation, bookkeeping, and more. Each franchise owner is assigned a field support specialist as well, who pays regular visits to the franchise to monitor progress, assists in problem solving and aids in fully developing the business. My Friend’s Place is a team effort, based on our true desire to help our franchise prosper.

Advertising & Promotions 
My Friend’s Place has developed and refined creative, low-cost advertising and promotional strategies. Our Grand Opening campaigns focus on introducing My Friend’s Place to your community. They are designed to create an immediate and positive impact, providing a ready client base. Ongoing advertising and promotions strengthen our franchise owner’s market potential.

Tried & True Recipes
Only My Friend’s Place Franchise owners have access to our delicious recipes and streamlined food preparation techniques, as well as the ability to purchase our popular homemade desserts and salad dressing.