To its many customers, My Friend’s Place® is an old friend, proudly serving the Atlanta community for over three decades. MFP prepares high quality lunch and catering items, on premise, each and every day. Famous for it’s mouth watering Trio Salad of Egg, Chicken and Tuna, the menu at MFP is unintimidating – it is simply delicious. However the time has come for a brand make-over. “After 33 years in business, it was time for MFP to relaunch it’s brand with an up to date look and feel, yet remaining the same warm and inviting casual concept designed to make everyone feel at home,” says Sergio Valentin ( President).

There is a new logo. The menu has been enhanced with new Limited Time Offer sandwiches such as the Santa Fe Chicken, Albuquerque Turkey, Turkey Chipotle Avocado, and flavorful soups including Parmesan Kale & Seared Italian Sausage, Roasted Tomato & Portobella Mushrooms. New catering menus are now available. MFP also has a new restaurant design prototype that is currently being rolled out for new locations. Plus there is a new user friendly website. “There is a lot of excitement and energy that you can feel,” adds Craig Lawson (customer).

Some things just won’t change. Just as the QSR giant, Chik-Fil-A has elected to remain closed on Sunday, MFP remains committed to remaining closed for the dinner shift. A close second to the quality food and inviting surroundings, is the MFP lifestyle commitment to its franchisees and managers.”If you would like to see all the changes yourself bring a new friend to your old friend and you will see why MFP was voted most likely to succeed among its consumers/guest peers,” adds Valentin.

What’s In Their Name?

“We selected My Friend’s Place® as our name simply because it conveys the philosophy behind our restaurants. We welcome our customers into our restaurants as if we are inviting them into our home. We serve our food in a casual and comfortable setting. In short, we treat our customers as we do our friends, with respect and warmth. Indeed, many of our patrons do become our friends, returning to My Friend’s Place ® over and over again,” adds Valentin

MFP’s Positioning Statement:

For people living an “on the go” lifestyle, in search of a familiar haven. For those expecting consistency, warmth, individual respect and care.

Owning a My Friend’s Place® Franchise:

For those seeking to find work-life balance opportunity, owning an MFP Franchise may be the solution. The secret lies in the MFP business model which has proven to be a successful and industry leader for over 30 years.

With the MFP Lifestyle Franchisees Will:

Make new friends

Never miss children or grandchildren’s sporting events

Be home to have dinner with their family

Be proud of serving nutritionally balanced meals – prepared fresh daily

Become an integral part of the community they serve

Have a solid income

Have a good quality of life

MFP’s 80/30 Rule model rule says: “While the typical restaurant is open approximately 80 hours per week, My Friend’s Place ® is open for business an average of 30 hours per week.”

At the end of the day, the MFP business model is easy to own and operate. MFP offers multi-unit operations while still maintaining the critical work-life balance. MFP provides income opportunity and a balance of time off to spend with family and friends……and to most these things are priceless.

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