My Friend’s Place Deli, established in Atlanta in 1980, is releasing an Albuquerque Turkey sandwich as February’s LTO. This comforting combination brings roasted turkey and sweet cranberry sauce together with lettuce and ripe tomato, served on a multigrain ciabatta bun.MFP Deli Announces Albuquerque Turkey Sandwich LTO

The new sandwich is the first of many innovative LTOs planned for the 2021 calendar year. As MFP expands locations via franchising, the brand is keen to local trends while preserving the classic fare that made MFP a customer favorite.

“We excited to the launch the first of several LTOs this year adding fresh and vibrant flavors to our menu,” says Sergio Valentin, President of MFP Deli.

About My Friend’s Place Deli

MFP Deli is based in Atlanta, GA and focuses on healthy cuisine, healthy lifestyles and work-life balance for employees and franchisees. Most locations are open Monday – Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM.

The first location opened in Sandy Springs, Georgia in 1980. Recognizing the area’s need for a restaurant that would provide fast, healthy meals, MFP began with a simple menu of homemade Egg, Chicken and Tuna Salads, though the menu has evolved vastly over the years.

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