My Friend’s Place Deli (MFP) is ushering in 2021 with a new logo and eye to the future.  As the company expands via franchising, the updated look promises to excite and expand MFP’s large and loyal following.

Sergio Valentin, Sr, president and CEO of My Friend’s Place

Founded in 1980 by David and Rosalind Katz, MFP built a reputation on consistent, high-quality fare and a warm, welcoming culture.  The original 1980 logo centered around the friendly neighborhood face with the checkered tile pattern synonymous with the deli concept.  “The 1980 logo portrayed an inviting image of quality in simplicity,” says MFP CEO and President Sergio Valentin, “it reflected the warm, friendly culture that remains front and center to the brand.”  As the company expanded locations throughout the Metro Atlanta area, the logo continued to undergo updates with the brand and the times.

The new millennium brought a modernizing progression.  The brand adopted its circular shape and the tiles evolved into a series of banners, preserving the welcoming culture that is core to the My Friend’s Place Deli vision.  An updated color scheme and the introduction of the sandwich that made the deli famous was first introduced in 2013.

The updated, 2021 version of the MFP logo places an emphasis on the food with a sleek, modern touch.  The mix of warm colors and the sandwich as the focal point reminds the public of the gracious staff and high-quality product they can expect when visiting the restaurant.  “The new logo showcases MFP’s progression in a new era,” states Valentin, “it represents where the brand is going and still maintains the legacy of simplicity, brand culture, and Great Food for a Great Life!”

MFP offers potential franchisees the ability to work for themselves in a welcoming, family environment while maintaining reasonable weekly hours. The typical location is open Monday – Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM. This allows a work/life balance for franchisees and restaurant staff which is a core value of the brand.

About My Friend’s Place Deli

The first My Friend’s Place (MFP) location opened in Sandy Springs, Georgia in 1980.  Recognizing the area’s need for a restaurant that would provide fast, healthy meals, MFP began with a simple menu of homemade Egg, Chicken and Tuna Salads, though the menu has evolved vastly over the years.  By 1990, the concept had grown in the number of stores throughout the metro Atlanta area and based on the success of the concept and the desire to maintain a high level of service, the company turned to franchising.

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